Team 1268 -- Greatness is our Fate!
August 1 - 3, 2003

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The team, not yet realized

Welcome to the ranch

Backyard of the ranch

Side view from the rnach

Northwest view from the ranch

Them thar mountains

P is for Pharanagat

The view from the front

Another view from the front

Who let the dogs out


Ah, relaxation

Ms Fogle and Ms Shultz

Team 1268, sans Mr. Jardel

Mr. Endres orders a hand sandwich

The elevation of Supa Dave

The reflecting pool

Heading back to Las Vegas

Still heading to Vegas

I should took some from the other side of the bus

Name Email Phone
Jerome Bruggmman 623-434-5700
Gary Calhoun 760-346-2489
Maggie Croudy 760-772-3990
Rosa Del Toro 800-355-7751
Tiger Doan   805-983-8605
Dave Endres 602-390-3240
Colleen Fogle 734.457-4954
Peter Huemer 831-423-9653
John Jardel 215-579-3205
Kean Johnson 307-382-9741
Justin Kenny 760 341-0557
Elia Lemke 414-647-1522
Manny Lugos 408-451-3417
Joe Madrigal   928-783.7776
Joey McGill 623-434-0025
Joshua Perini 541-858-7203
Robert Polster 920-746-4824
Jeffery Qualteri 303-637-0723
David Sanchez 928-246-9023
Stacey Schultz 602-224-4536
Vincent Scuncio 916-773-0600
John Spencer 435-781-3343
Rheta Thompson 541 347-5200
Suzanne Werneke   508-263-2440
Jacquelyn Wise 404-250-8866

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