Fremont Peak Run
March 20, 2005


The track clubbers brought in the first day of Spring with a run from San Juan Bautista to the summit of Fremont Peak. Weather looked pretty iffy, but it wasn't raining when we started and we hoped we wouldn't be in the clouds at the top... Jonathan, Laura and I rode our bikes up, while Diane, Doug, and Dave rode SAG, and the rest ran it. Peter, Larry, and Dave the Fireman actually ran it both ways - a tough marathon for sure. I made it to the top without rain, but the moment I arrived, the clouds started to dump on us, and we all scrambled for the cars and umbrellas. Our picnic lunch was re-scheduled as a tailgate party at the bottom and even the bikers bailed out on biking back down the mountain.

Before leaving the entrance to Nicene Marks

We're in SJB! Ready for the start

Made it! Wetter and colder, but we're at the top.

We pack Laura into some strangers' SUV, from Montana, for the ride back down (!)


Peter is soon to follow - Two fingers for the round trip.

Diane invites our new acquantainces from Montana to the tailgate party...

Carbo depletion replaced by carbo-engorging...

A hi-5 to cap a good morning workout!



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